Now, who's to say Roblox won't tank in popularity tomorrow, well before the metaverse reaches its full form? The only company I can think of that could monetize gaming in the metaverse faster would be Zynga, which Take-Two just bought for $12.7 billion. But he certainly doesn't seem to be taking the rise of the metaverse lightly.

According to Unity CEO John Riccitiello, he considers the metaverse to be the next version of the internet, but it will not be just a handful of virtual worlds. Instead, Riccitiello believes there will be many metaverses, each catering to certain categories. With that in mind, here are eight of the best metaverse stocks and one exchange-traded fund. The metaverse is expected to see impressive growth over the next several years, creating a considerable opportunity for those invested in the best metaverse stocks.


They enabled the workforce to keep in touch with each and attend business-crucial meetings. However, 2D calls have limitations, excluding aspects like seeing each others’ body language. What is more, Meta Horizon Venues offers the ability to attend events via a 3D avatar with a Quest 3D headset and allows attendees to chat together while at the virtual event. The MBA, for example, has already hosted several virtual live events on the platform. In 2021, Facebook changed its name to Meta and announced plans to focus on developing the idea of the metaverse. The CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has estimated it will take up to 15 years to build and is expected to lose large sums of money to do so.

Despite Sea going public just over a decade ago, the company has made significant strides in the metaverse space – none more impactful than the acquisition of artificial intelligence-based gaming company Refract. Sea raised funds amounting to $6.3 million to help develop technology you can wear, known as AXIS, that supports full-body motion capture. Snap’s interface is leading the race as it enables users to customise their virtual presence, creating 3D Bitmoji characters that they can use when chatting. However, the reality lab division of the company responsible for its metaverse and virtual reality forays have been burning money instead of making it.


Since 2015, Qualcomm (QCOM, $103.62) and Meta have partnered on creating virtual reality chips and systems, but this important relationship got a boost last year. The two firms entered into a multi-year strategic agreement to develop metaverse experiences with Qualcomm's Snapdragon XR platform and Meta's Quest system. If this vision winds up being reality in the coming years, this will bode well for Unity – and for investors seeking out the best metaverse stocks.

What is the best investment for metaverse

One question is whether the bulk of the metaverse will be built by corporate entities or with decentralized solutions such as blockchains and cryptocurrencies. But, since the future is uncertain, it’s worth keeping at least a couple of cryptocurrencies on your radar as well because the technology could prove useful in the metaverse's development. The company estimates that about half of all 3D content today is made with its software.

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Anyone can purchase crypto assets or a share of cryptocurrencies without a minimum entry threshold. The metaverse is a virtual environment in which people -- avatars in metaverse terms -- can connect, interact and transact. This convergence of the digital and physical world stems from the Greek meta, meaning beyond or after, and verse, short for universe. Maybe you can’t decide which metaverse stock to buy, or maybe you want broader exposure than a single stock. One option is the Roundhill Ball Metaverse ETF (METV -0.42%), which includes all five of the stocks already listed here plus dozens more, providing instant diversification for shareholders.

  • The MBA, for example, has already hosted several virtual live events on the platform.
  • As the company doesn’t focus solely on metaverse, Meta stocks are an attractive option for more risk-averse investors.
  • However, the average investor might experience some hurdles before investing in metaverse, such as a lack of information about the possible options.
  • Unity Software is renowned for its development of real-time 3D software, and creating engines for mobile games, VR as well as augmented reality.
  • In an interview in late 2022, Apple (AAPL, $172.57) CEO Tim Cook showed skepticism toward the metaverse.

Most metaverse companies have their own digital currency or are using an existing cryptocurrency, so buying metaverse crypto is another way to profit. Let’s see what the future of the metaverse might look like and see which use-cases could benefit from the use of virtual reality. Despite Meta’s enthusiastic approach, there’s a lot of speculation from both investors as well as the general public about whether this direction away from its core business – social media – is a good idea. Meta stock losing billions from its value in 2022 alone due to focus on the development of the metaverse, and on top of widespread layoffs in November 2022, has gotten people suspicious and investors cautious. These cryptoassets play a crucial role in the development of the metaverse, as they add value to digital products.

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The mass firing was the first time Meta has ever had to do a round of cutbacks. The goal of the metaverse is to bring together various emerging and existing technologies to create a new connected virtual world. Blockchain technology, VR and interconnected platforms form the basis of this emerging virtual world. Early estimates indicate big potential for this new corner of the tech landscape. In fact, Grand View Research estimates that the metaverse may become the next major tech platform and reach more than a US$936 billion market cap by 2030.

What is the best investment for metaverse

Moreover, we focus on Metaverse stocks which is a relatively easy way to invest in Metaverse to gain profits. And we share the Top 5 metaverse stocks that are worthing purchasing, covering Meta, Nvidia, Unity, Adobe, and Roblox. All these 5 companies are dedicated to the Metaverse exploration and the connection between the virtual and real world. It's a nice option to invest in these metaverse stocks within your own risk tolerance and investment amount. The concept of Metaverse (metaverse) was first coined by American science fiction writer Neal Stevenson in his 1992 novel Snow Crash. The metaverse is the space of virtual worlds that will provide users with rich consumer content and interactive experiences, etc.