intercom vs zopim

While Zendesk offers a wide array of support features, many more than Intercom, there are a couple of major features it lacks that Intercom has. The first is proactive, in-app messaging, and the second is email marketing capabilities. Zendesk’s mobile app is also good for ticketing, helping you create new support tickets with macros and updates. It’s also good for sending and receiving notifications, as well as for quick filtering through the queue of open tickets.

intercom vs zopim

Here are our top reporting and analytics features and an overview of where Intercom’s reporting limitations lie. Intercom has a wider range of uses out of the box than Zendesk, though by adding Zendesk Sell, you could more than make up for it. Both options are well designed, easy to use, and share some pretty key functionality like behavioral triggers and omnichannel-ality (omnichannel-centricity?). But with perks like more advanced chatbots, automation, and lead management capabilities, Intercom could have an edge for many users. Zendesk is among the industry's best ticketing and customer support software, and most of its additional functionality is icing on the proverbial cake.

Intercom vs Zendesk features & functionality

Live Agent was founded in 2006 by Andrej Harsani and Viktor Zeman, and by some reports, has a total of 150 million users around the globe. This Intercom alternative offers valuable features that allow customers to chat with support agents on their website or mobile app. In addition, the platform has built-in analytics so clients can monitor their business performance. Gist not only has a support system but also a marketing automation platform (sold separately), they are very close to Intercom in what they do and have similar features. One thing unique about Gist is while their base plan starts at $29/mo with 5 users included, their $99/mo plan includes unlimited users making it a perfect and affordable suite for large teams. They have been around for years, are reliable and many large enterprises use them.

  • Once stored in the Panoply Smart Data Warehouse, your Intercom data can be extracted, explored, and analyzed with all of your other data sources.
  • But we doubled down and created a truly full-service CX solution capable of handling any support request.
  • They’ve been marketing themselves as a messaging platform right from the beginning.
  • Survey responses automatically save as data in users’ profiles, and Intercom provides survey data in analytics and reporting.
  • In terms of pricing, Intercom is considered one of the most expensive tools on the market.
  • Zendesk Message and chat enable users to connect to their customers on a scalable app.

Limited access to data and generic, generative AI means that businesses are unable to provide their customers with truly personalized communications at scale. Businesses can’t afford to waste their time and money on live chat platforms that don’t function as they want. Ortto’s Talk was built to address the limitations of existing platforms, offering a powerful alternative that leverages data and Ortto’s advanced AI.

Zendesk vs Intercom: functionality

Stitch delivers all your data to the leading data lakes, warehouses, and storage platforms. Stitch offers detailed documentation on how to sync your Intercom data. Stitch can replicate data from all your sources (including Zendesk Chat and Intercom) to a central warehouse. From there, it's easy to perform the in-depth analysis you need. There are a number of free Intercom alternatives for WordPress sites available as a free plugin. The most popular free Intercom alternatives for WordPress are Tidio and

intercom vs zopim

There’s the cheapest plan for small businesses – Starter – that cost $74 per month and will include 1 seat and 1,000 people reached/mo. So yeah, all the features talk actually brings us to the most sacred question — the question of pricing. You’d probably want to know how much it costs to get Zendesk or Intercom for your business, so let’s talk money now. They’ve been marketing themselves as a messaging platform right from the beginning.

Zendesk vs Intercom: Reporting and Analytics

This serves the dual benefit of adding convenience to the customer experience and lightening agents’ workloads. Is it as simple as knowing whether you want software strictly for customer support (like Zendesk) or for some blend of customer relationship management and sales support (like Intercom)? Zendesk also packs some pretty potent tools into their platform, so you can empower your agents to do what they do with less repetition. Agents can use basic automation (like auto-closing tickets or setting auto-responses), apply list organization to stay on top of their tasks, or set up triggers to keep tickets moving automatically. Intercom live chat is modern, smooth, and has so many advanced features that other chat tools don’t have.

intercom vs zopim

We've developed a Looker Block for Zendesk Chat data provisioned by Stitch. This block includes prebuilt code to create dashboards and models that can help uncover insights from your Zendesk Chat data. Stitch offers detailed documentation on how to sync your Zendesk Chat data. Use in-app video chat to reach your customers at crucial moments of decision. With Glass, you can watch the screens of visitors to your website in realtime and start an instant conversation with video, voice, and chat. So, depending on your use cases we will have different “best” Zendesk alternatives for you.

Eliminate guesswork & resolve customer issues at ⚡️ speed

This feature ensures that each customer request is handled by the best-suited agent, improving the overall efficiency of the support team. Intercom offers an integrated knowledge base functionality to its user base. Using the existing knowledge base functionality, they can display self-help articles in the chat window before the customer approaches your team for support. You can create these knowledge base articles in your target audience’s native language as their software is multilingual. Zendesk is another popular customer service, support, and sales platform that enables clients to connect and engage with their customers in seconds.

  • In 2013, Intercom was featured on Product Hunt, where it collected a number of reviews from appreciative partners and garnered the reputation of the most efficient tool of its kind.
  • This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear).
  • Drift’s live chat tool allows businesses to set appointments, answer questions, share help center articles and videos, send pricing information, and more.
  • Jetdocs is an internal communication platform where teams can streamline their internal processes.
  • This enables businesses to automate customer service tasks and scale their support operations without needing to hire additional human agents.
  • One thing unique about Gist is while their base plan starts at $29/mo with 5 users included, their $99/mo plan includes unlimited users making it a perfect and affordable suite for large teams.

A more affordable alternative to Zendesk, Freshdesk support combines all the tools for marketing and sales teams. Highlights of the platform include features such as custom bots, advanced email marketing, and sales analytics. There are many platforms with the same features in the market, but Intercom is in a much more advantageous position compared to other platforms. However, taking advantage of these benefits can be very costly for businesses.

Wondering how much to migrate from your CRM to another?

Zendesk is a cloud customer support ticketing system with customer satisfaction prediction. Glass prioritizes natural human engagement over bot-driven conversations, generating significantly higher response rates than bots. With a set of easy-to-understand reports, managers can easily view metrics on engagement rates and help operators improve their interactions with customers. In 2014, they acquired Zopim, a Singapore based live chat company.

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LiveChat is a Zendeks alternative that aims to improve the overall customer experience. Freshdesk is one of the popular brands in the customer service market. Therefore, the characteristics of Gorgias were also developed in this direction. For example, the platform integrates perfectly with Bigcommerce, Magento, and Shopify. Zendesk Chat shows up as a chat bar docked at the bottom of your site.

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Crisp gives you access to all your customer support options in one place. Be it email, phone, or live chat, Crisp lets you push customer questions into the messaging app of their choice so that they can help themselves. By signing up for a free account, you can chat with other Crisp users, share files and folders, and invite them to use their workspace. If you already have a Crisp workspace on your server, you can automate that one by configuring the Live Chat API. At the same time, it makes it easier for businesses that do not have an in-house marketing team, as all they need to do is set up their campaign and let Drift run itself. With Drift integrating into your customer communications workflow, it's easy for sales, support, and marketing teams to work together on one dashboard.

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Zendesk Sunshine is a separate feature set that focuses on unified customer views. For small companies and startups, Zendesk offers a six-month free trial of up to 50 agents redeemable for any combination of Zendesk Support and Sell products. Zendesk has over 1,300 integrations, compared to Intercom’s 300+ apps, making it the leader in this category. However, you can browse their respective sites to find which tools each platform supports. Zendesk also offers a sales pipeline feature through its Zendesk Sell product.

What Live Chat Software To Choose

This is because it comes with a free option, which is ideal for startups on a limited budget. Plus, it’s easy to upgrade to a larger package when your business grows. If you’re interested in just live chat, you’ll want to look into the Acquiring package.

Then we have Zendesk Connect or, and from the beginning was really focused on product messaging. So once a user became a user, once they give you the email address on sign-up, then you wanna be able to send them messages across the very similar channels that Intercom had. Crisp chat is developed for entrepreneurs who want to get traffic on their websites quickly.

intercom vs zopim

Plus, it's easy to set up automated workflows so that customers are routed to the best support agent for their queries when contacting your business via chatbot. Zendesk was founded in 2007 and as such, is one of the oldest customer service management software offerings available on the market today. Zendesk provides robust customer service software that is exceptional for support teams and organizations that need robust calling capabilities and a highly customizable solution with a lot of optional add-ons. Zendesk provides a variety of solutions including customized ticketing automation, self-service solutions, and customizable configurations based on your business needs.

  • Front is an all-in-one customer service platform that helps teams provide personalized and efficient customer service.
  • With Drift integrating into your customer communications workflow, it's easy for sales, support, and marketing teams to work together on one dashboard.
  • Our team can not only help you choose and set up your live chat software, but our agents can monitor all your channels for you, lessening the load on your team.
  • For instance, in this blog you can read why the Outreach (a tool for active sales) IT juggernaut preferred Zendesk to Intercom and almost picked
  • Whichever solution you choose, mParticle can help integrate your data.
  • Some startups and small businesses may prefer one app, while large companies and enterprise operations will have their own requirements.

It's also an excellent customer support chatbot support solution, with options to integrate it with popular third-party apps like Fullview. HelpCrunch is a communication platform for support, marketing and sales (CCM solutions). It includes such common features as live chat, auto messages, pop-ups and Knowledge Centre as one of the extensive alternatives to Intercom. ClickDesk’s support features are unique in this list, as they offer voice and video support in addition to live chat. This can help support agents to help customers through complex issues that simply don’t translate well via live chat. It also provides customers with yet another way to reach your company based on their support preferences.