Here, your software goes through numerous test cases to establish whether it works as expected. Considerations of the time zone differences and manage expectations accordingly. Direct client interaction helps in better communication and also improves the business relationship. If used right, this model can ensure that there is work going on every minute of the 24 hours on a project.

Here we look at some of the advantages of this paradigm shift. The everyday work of the software development specialists coupled with specialized vocabulary usage. Situations of misunderstanding between clients and team members could lead to an increase in overall project time.

things you need to know before outsourcing testing

But it cannot guarantee the same quality standards you have in house. Knowing how to interpret application logs is essential for successful Kubernetes troubleshooting. Companies don't need to host the infrastructure or pay personnel.

what is outsourced testing

Plan ahead to be ready to test features when they are completed. According to a Dun & Bradstreet study , "20 to 25% of all outsourcing relationships fail within two years, and 50% fail within five." This doesn't install much confidence in the market. Here are four common reasons many software outsourcing relationships fail. Many organizations have engaged in software outsourcing and realized positive unit economics when incorporating it into their workflow. I believe it's something that every organization should consider. Risk assessment involves identifying hazards at numerous levels.

The benefits of business process outsourcing for digital transformation

As mentioned earlier, your team may lack the necessary expertise to conduct software testing. If you want to close the skill gap by hiring a new tester, it would simply mean pushing the product launch and delaying your ROI. Instead, you can simply opt for an outsourcing provider who will equip you with a full team of QA professionals for a smooth product launch. You can simply hire them for a specific project your team lacks the skills for, and the outsourced staff can use their testing methodologies and best practices to get the job done. Given how necessary testing is, software testers must possess the right skill set to ensure software functionality, usability, and security. These professionals must have the right technical skills and be updated with the latest best practices and technologies to conduct their tasks efficiently.

what is outsourced testing

Strong communication is also very important in ensuring a successful solution. With the testing efforts outsourced to a vendor, your management tasks are reduced. There is no longer a need to track the testing activities, follow up for the execution status and arrange for defect triage meetings, etc. This effort and man-hours can be utilized more productively in other project activities which are more critical and help in delivering a better product. Testing is best performed when it is done as an isolated activity. Testing done by a vendor would always be unbiased and impartial.

Assume the outsourcer will be half as effective in the first few months, and fully effective after a year

Outsourcing software testing services can be a great option not only for early-stage startups but also for those startups that are aiming to grow. When your product is about to scale, the need for more QA resources can hit hard. You need a fast team extension with minimum fuss and expenditures in this case. When it comes to outsourcing vendors, the old adage, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is," makes sense. I once received a rate card from a procurement team that had negotiated an $8-per-hour rate for offshore testing resources. With business-critical systems under test, I wasn't willing to make my business the guinea pig for that experiment.

It’s best to look for crowd testing services that provide assurances such as NDAs, but apps with a high level of security may not be so suitable for crowdsourced testing. Along with the great benefits of outsourced testing, there are always some costs. As a team, you have built up certain skills and knowledge and these skills have been built up for a couple of years or even longer. When outsourcing your website testing, it must be clear that external QA agents or contractors cannot take over your entire skill set from day one. Setting up outsourced testing will require a contract between your company and the supplier which takes over the testing efforts. Besides the costs of setting up a contract, you also have to consider setting up different processes, such as communication workflows.


Using an outsourced testing service allows you to get fast results without compromising on quality. If you’re a company out of the US, you may want to look for a company that can provide onshore services. Before we go over why software testing is being outsourced, let’s explore what this means. It entails one company delegating the testing of an application or other piece of software to an independent test specialist, testing firm, or third party. The company responsible for development will not be involved in the testing, and the software testing party will not be involved in other aspects of software development. BairesDev offers QA services that enable you to create higher-quality products and strengthen your brand.

  • However, choosing the right outsourcing partner with organized management processes and English language proficiency can easily cover these issues.
  • Organizations should also consider whether a combination or singular option is more appropriate and avoid purchasing a bundle where some of the services go unused.
  • An obvious challenge here is a potential difference in work ethics, communication styles, and even a lack of English proficiency.
  • So, if you don’t have employees with the proper skills and knowledge, outsourcing may be the perfect solution.
  • With crowdsourced testing, you can quickly scale up your testing efforts by engaging a large number of testers simultaneously.
  • Plan ahead to be ready to test features when they are completed.

When you outsource software testing, you’ll most likely work with remote team members . However, this would also mean working with people from different countries and hence, differing time zones. These can cause communication gaps due to cultural or linguistic differences or simply an inability to collaborate seamlessly due to time zone differences.

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Hourly work oftentimes operates in an ad-hoc model, meaning the work is performed on an as-needed basis. With hourly engagements, you tend to pay a slightly higher rate given that you are requiring resources more as-needed rather than on a structured basis like staffing. There are different models you can look toward when it comes to software outsourcing. Whether it's on-shore outsourcing , near-shore outsourcing or off-shore outsourcing (outsourcing to a non-neighboring country), you have three main options.

what is outsourced testing

But it should allow your team to specialize in the more rewarding aspects of QA and work on the strategy and their specialist subject knowledge. “Crowdsourced testing” or “crowdtesting” is a QA approach which relies on sending tests to a distributed community of testers around the world. We believe crowdsourced testing is a practical and efficient way to test for most software businesses to do QA.

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Secondly, crowdsourced testing can provide a fresh perspective and real-world usage scenarios that can uncover user experience issues. In order to establish solid testing processes for our customers’ products while enabling them to efficiently monitor our team’s performance, Andersen provides managed testing services. It goes without saying that professional software testers or testing companies have vast experience with a holistic quality assurance approach.