It is attributed to loan waiving, motivation, value for diversity, and fight for well-paid jobs and, therefore, boosting other sectors such as health, education, and sports. I also believe that coupling the idea with other measures such as ensuring harmony, respect, and equal opportunities would propel the country to much greater heights. All points above and many other things make America great and can be written about in an essay. If you have to come up with an argumentative piece to encourage debates, try something like critics of America offered, for instance, by the Soviet authors or government representatives. Starting from its humble beginnings and finishing with the declaration of independence, there are many things to include in an essay about what makes the US such an incredible country. An American is a citizen of the American country, giving citizenship to an individual and giving identity to that person is called an American.

how to be a good american essay ideas

They might hope to major in International Studies to eventually work in the United Nations and be part of the climate change conferences and agreements. Your goals may not be motivated by your ethnic/racial background at all. Maybe your primary goal is to work in government to create educational reform, thus ensuring that students across the entire country have access to necessary resources.

Youth Culture Essay Prompt and Discussion

We can meet on our own terms to discuss any topic. Many of the rights in America are not universal, and lots of countries don’t even have access to the basic rights all humans should have. Lucky for me, I live in a country that has such rights.

  • Robert is a Chinese-American with a family history of cardiovascular disease.
  • Being an American also means one can take full advantage of freedom of speech, equal rights, diversity, and the American way of life.
  • There are many topics you can explore in your American literature research papers.
  • The organization still exists today and holds annual Americanism essay contests.

With a sense of solidarity, Americans can show one another mutual respect and sympathy which in turn cultivates common good for all. This prompt asks you to describe a time in your life when you faced a challenge that required you to put in an unprecedented amount of time and effort.

Explain What It Means To Be An American

If you’re having trouble settling on a topic to write about, think about your identity and values. There might be an aspect of your identity that is directly related to a public health issue. First, it is trying to find out which public health issues you consider important and why. Second, it wants to discern how you intend to use your college education and life experience to contribute to a solution to this issue. Being an American means that I am free and that I can vote. It also means that we should be treated equally no matter what skin color you have and it doesn’t matter what culture you came from. You should be able to speak your mind, attend the church you want to attend, celebrate the holidays you want to celebrate and be a slave to no one.

how to be a good american essay ideas

In any case, the American dream essay is a good opportunity to reflect on the concept and learn more about it. The American dream is an interesting topic that one can discuss from various perspectives. If you need to write an essay on the American dream, you should understand this concept clearly. We provide practical writing solutions across all disciplines and create academic papers for students of all levels.

American Political Culture Essay

You can also ask around from your history teachers or read historical records of America. It will help you have a strong background for your paper and know why Americans hold dear to some practices while rejecting others. The American way of life is protected by the Constitution. how to make a paper shorter Being an American means having respect for the law, benefitting for equal justice, and benefitting from freedom of contract. Private property and merit-based achievements are also strongly protected by not only the Constitution, but also state laws and regulations.

This isn’t necessary, but it would add to your application if you can do it. An intangible connection is just what it sounds like – a connection that isn’t based on the tangible resources offered by the university. Often, an intangible connection involves alignment between your personal values and those of the institution. First, it gives the admissions committee an idea of who the student is and where she comes from.

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Jane is pursuing a degree in Public Health because she feels that this field is the key to developing lasting reform in the domain of mental health. After introducing the topic through an anecdote, describe yourself (your attitudes, beliefs, motivations, etc.) prior to the event that you learned from. Overcoming Challenges essay, so we recommend that you read our linked guide for more advice and examples. Anyone can write about the reputations of AU and Ritsumeikan. Compliments are nice, but you don’t have a lot of words to work with, and empty flattery suggests that you don’t have anything more substantive to say. This will help you determine where you want to spend your first semester.

how to be a good american essay ideas

American Values My essay is argues that american values can never be the same for all american citizens. In this essay I look at why these values become so diverse and how that plays a role in our country. America is known as the dynamic, diplomatic country that provides hope, love, peace, great opportunity plus opinions from all walks of the world. Through the eyes of each American, the value of our country differs.

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Today, let's explore a few ways to learn how to be better academic writers. That's probably why so many students find writing daunting. How does one generation define what it means to be an American? Some events inspire us while others discourage us. My generation defines what it means to be American when we work as hard as we can. We show our American Identity when we are thankful for the countless sacrifices our parents have made. Gudwriter is your best source of custom research and term papers.

People in the United States take the freedom this country has to offer for granted. They don’t realize what kinds of freedoms they really have and how unique they are compared to the rest of the world. The word that clearly describes “American” is “Free”. It does not mean that an American can obtain free food, a free car or a free home.

️ The Meaning of Americanism

It includes its symbols, such as the flag and Declaration of Independence. But, unlike nationalism, Americanism doesn’t regard ethnicity as vital.

how to be a good american essay ideas

Join us on this journey of self-discovery and inquiry as we talk about the subject of what it means to be a good American. Whether you have lived in America or are a recent immigrant.

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Being an American also means one can take full advantage of freedom of speech, equal rights, diversity, and the American way of life. Being an American essay is common in American High Schools or colleges. Sometimes, it might be among the admission essays you will have to write before admission into the particular institution. Being an American can mean a number of different things. As an American citizens, we have freedoms that many others do not. We have the freedom to vote for our president, freedom of speech, religion, and more. Being an American doesn’t just mean you were born in the United States, you can become a citizen by taking a test about our country.

how to be a good american essay ideas

Happiness is the best key to success in career and life to win every competition and at any employment level. You can make strong relations and made bonds with one another. Make powerful background with a group of people. But society is ready to break down the bonds how to be a good american essay ideas between the person to person, in employment, and in relations. To be a good American you must evolve with the history of America and the destiny of America. Nobody said that we are the best of all countries however, we are a great nation for numerous reasons.

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How boring would our country be if we Americans all were the same, had the same ideals, and all agreed on every single topic? I think we would be a very bland country and probably not as accepting as we are today to others who may be from other regions of the world. There are many topics you can explore in your American literature research papers.

  • The best way to do this is to describe your interest in the field then connect it to your reasons for applying to the program.
  • If you're writing about something you don't quite understand, it will definitely show.
  • In general, four types of statements that don't need any citation are your own ideas or findings, common knowledge, historical overviews, and your own conclusions.
  • It is indeed a daunting task to attempt to put the remarkable story of the US into an essay list.